Heavy Construction

Heavy Construction

Heavy and Civil Construction Services

Century Construction’s expert project managers and efficient construction crews are poised to address all facets of any civil construction job. In addition to drainage, erosion control and general site work, Century can perform mass excavation, grading, installation of utilities as well as providing pre-cast bridges and structural concrete to provide for a full-range of civil construction needs. Our portfolio includes Heavy Construction, Landfills, Municipal & Public Works, Highways, Streets and Bridges.

Transportation Systems

Roads, Highways, Rail, and Bridges

Century Civil Division has an experienced team capable of constructing highway, bridge and heavy projects. With a group of skilled Project Managers, Project Superintendents, and Civil Engineers on staff, Century has the ability to work with owners during the design phase or organize a design build team to provide clients with a Turn Key project. We are licensed for business with the Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas Departments of Transportation and have performed work throughout the Southeast.


Landfill construction has become a specialty of Century Construction. We have an extensive resume of new landfill construction as well as remediation and closures. Century’s highly trained, experienced workers and our large, diverse equipment fleet enable us to meet critical landfill construction specifications and demanding project schedules. Our strong relationships with landfill specialty suppliers and subcontractors across the country ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our landfill services include:

  • Excavation
  • Structural fill
  • Recompacted soil liners
  • Leachate collection systems and force mains
  • Aggregate drainage layer
  • Haul road and rail access
  • Waste relocation
  • Synthetic liner installation
  • Waste hauling
  • Landfill operation
  • Permitting
  • Storm water pollution prevention
  • Dust control
  • Capping
  • Cover work

Site Development


Century Construction employs a team of demolition experts. Our seasoned demolition specialists offer a time-tested, safe, and efficient approach to demolition procedures. 

Site Clearing

Our demolition debris removal services are done with a green debris removal philosophy dedicated to recycling as many of the reusable construction materials as possible.

Preparation, Grading, and Drainage

If the site needs to be prepared for new construction, our preparation services will include soil and ground testing, proper grading to support new structures, and careful attention to drainage systems and water management.


Century is experienced in installing under and above ground utilities like like sewer and water systems.

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