General Construction

General Construction

Century’s General Construction Services

In twenty short years, Century Construction has evolved from a two-employee / one-truck firm to one of the most respected contracting firms in our region.

Driven by customer needs and our own demanding expectations, Century Construction has cultivated a reputation as a superior contracting firm, delivering remarkable results for a diverse group of market sectors and clients. As a true builder, we are able to self-perform select scopes of work and offer tighter control of project quality, scheduling, and safety. And our corporate leadership approach allows us to be both innovative and nimble – characteristics necessary to respond to project challenges quickly and effectively.

As a testament to faithful partnering with our clients, well over half our work is performed for repeat customers. Fundamental to our objective of being the preferred provider of construction services in our region, we will always strive to:

  • Deliver Exceptional Results for our Clients
  • Provide a Rewarding Experience for our Employees
  • Continuously Promote Quality and Safety
  • Deal Honestly and Ethically with our Industry Partners
  • Remain Actively Involved in the Communities in which we Work

Project Delivery Methods

With experience in multiple delivery method options, we assist clients in tailoring the best solution for each unique project. And for twenty years, our successful performance has produced repeat business for well over half of our clientele. For owners looking to reduce risk and design oversight, the Design-Build method may be your best option. For owners comfortable with Design-Bid-Build, General Contracting might make more sense. And for others, the best decision may lead to Construction Management delivery.

For every delivery method, our team will consistently deliver quality performance – on time and in budget. Along with this commitment, we will provide: open and straightforward team communication and problem-solving, cost effective estimating, efficient scheduling, pre-qualified subcontracting partners, self-performed capabilities, and an experienced project team.


It’s a fact — proper planning early in the process leads to reduced costs, tighter scheduling, and higher client satisfaction. Our team excels at listening to your vision and offering guidance throughout the planning and design processes. Our estimating services will ensure your design doesn’t wreck your budget, and we routinely offer a guaranteed maximum price well before design is complete.


With dozens of successfully completed Design-Build projects and a team committed to total client satisfaction, Century Construction Group is able to offer owners a turn-key approach with minimized risk and a price commitment early in the project planning phase.

As verified through an independent study by the Construction Industry Institute, Design-Build delivery is considered the most economical and efficient project delivery system of the top three construction methods. Based on comparison to traditional Design-Bid-Build delivery, findings reflect Design-Build costing approximately 6% less, being constructed approximately 12% faster, and exceeding quality expectations at all levels.  

This delivery method provides Owners the benefit of having a single contract for planning, design, and construction of the entire project. With consistent, high marks for client satisfaction, schedule duration, and project value, this method provides for Century Construction Group to take responsibility of all design-related and construction activities.  

General Contracting

For the majority of public bid projects, and for private projects where the owner is comfortable with overseeing design, the Design-Bid-Build method is a linear progression of design, bidding (or negotiating) and constructing. Century’s active participation in the public bid sector keeps our estimating sharp and our senses keen to the most qualified design, subcontracting, and vendor firms.

Construction Management

With the option of CM at Risk or CM as Agent, Construction Management delivery provides for Century to serve as either constructor or an owner’s agent. Both provide for Pre-construction planning services and the opportunity to effectively manage price, quality, and schedule before and during the construction phase.

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