How Century Construction Puts Job Safety First

Century Construction Group, Inc. is firmly committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. We work to ensure the safety of our contractors, client personnel, and the general public for the protection of facilities, equipment, and the environment.

Century Construction strives for the highest safety standards and zero safety incidents on every project.

“Safety First” isn’t just our motto, it’s the way Century Construction Group does business.

Safe working conditions do not occur by chance. They are the direct result of careful attention and adherence to strict company safety policies. In order to maintain a safe environment, Century Construction has implemented and continually refines our policies & procedures in order to ensure our employees and visitors go home safely.

We promote an incident-free environment through planning, sound design and work practices, personnel training, and compliance with applicable domestic and international regulations and industry standards.

Century Construction’s Safety Policies and Procedures

Our Safety Policies Century Employees Comply With:

  • Comprehensive Construction Safety and Health Plans
  • Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Well planned, well implemented, and well executed new hire orientation training programs
  • Employee training on Hazard Communications
  • OSHA 30 Certification for all Superintendents
  • OSHA 10 Certification for all Foremen
  • Continuing Education/Training, including lock-out tag-out, confined spaces, forklift operations, heavy equipment certifications, and crane operator certifications
  • Full Asbestos Abatement specialist team
  • First Aid/CPR Certification for a minimum of 20% of our employees or a minimum of 1 employee per Site

Century Construction’s Environmental Health and Safety Management Plan

Our Director of Safety, Joe Barnes, is guided by an Environmental, Health and Safety Management (EHS) plan to comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards and best practices.

Century’s EHS plan helps to ensure the safety of our contractors, client personnel and the general public as well as the protection of facilities, equipment and the environment.

EHS Industry Standards and Best Practices

We use the following industry standards and best practices to create safe jobsites:

  • An Electronic Daily Job Safety Analysis (iPad) to review daily hazards for work tasks and the safety measures that will be in place to protect workers.
  • Supervisors Daily Safety Walk is conducted electronically (iPad) by supervisors to review site safety.
  • Contractor Site Safety Orientation is developed for each job site to be specific to the project with all workers attending before beginning work activities.
  • Our Safety Director visits projects on a regular basis to review safety procedures and observe workers behavior. A report of safety findings is completed and reviewed with the project Team and distributed to all affected trades.
  • Near Hit Program will be in place should an event occur that could have caused injury or damage. The Near Hit will be reviewed with all employees. Should an incident occur a detailed incident report is conducted to find the root cause of incident which is reviewed with Project Team to prevent further incidents.

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