In 2014, an EF4 tornado tore through Winston Medical Center, the only hospital within a 30-mile radius of the town of Louisville. The region was devastated, and the hospital was totaled. The town then staged a gallant effort to rebuild the hospital. Operating out of MASH tents for 11 months, then moving into mobile trailers, the employees of Winston Medical Center sacrificed comfort and convention to care for their patients. Century Construction demolished the damaged building and built the new, $55 million dollar hospital.

“The last three years have been an exercise in dedication, adaptability and hard work. We now know, without a doubt, that the people who work here are truly what makes Winston Medical Center great,” said Paul Black, CEO. “This reopening is our response to tragedy. I hope that our new hospital will bring peace of mind and healing to this chapter of our lives. The tornado will always be a part of our past, but our future has never looked brighter,” said Black.


Opening celebration for Winston Medical Center.

April 28, 2014, will be remembered as a tragic day in Louisville history. On that day, the EF4 tornado tore a 34-mile track through the town, killing 10 people and leaving hundreds homeless. The tornado completely destroyed Louisville’s 60-year-old hospital.

In the aftermath of the tornado, Winston Medical Center reported that the 125 patients, visitors and staff in the facility at the time of the storm were safely evacuated from the building. There were no deaths at the facility and only one injury. At the same time, Louisville neighbors began to arrive seeking care for their tornado-related injuries. Despite having an extremely damaged facility, the staff of Winston Medical Center treated over 100 people that night.

From devastation, hope has risen. The opening of this fully-equipped facility is the result of three years of hard work and dedication from Louisville’s residents and leaders.

Winston Medical Center re-opened on May 1, 2017.