Century Construction’s General Construction Services

General Construction is a rather broad category that can actually refer to a few different levels of construction activity. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common types of general construction projects we see here at Century Construction. We commonly refer to these as “Project Delivery Methods,” because they’re essentially best practices for “delivering” a desired result on a given general construction project.

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Every construction project must begin with an appropriate pre-construction plan. Such a plan must take into account myriad details such as timelines, budgets, site profiles & characteristics, construction styles & materials, regulatory issues, etc.— the list goes on and on. And on. And poorly conceived plans often lead to costly delays, budget overruns, regulatory fines, and more. That’s why Century Construction takes pre-construction very seriously, always striving to ensure a smooth construction process that remains on timeline, on budget, on target — every time — whether Century is further involved in the project or not.


This Project Delivery Method incorporates both the above planning functions as well as the eventual construction itself. Once an appropriate plan has been developed and approved, it’s up to our construction team to gather the talent, resources and materials to make the plan a reality. This single-contact, turn-key approach to general construction is desirable because Century is able to control the project from start to finish — holding ourselves accountable at every stage in the process. That’s why the national Construction Industry Institute considers Design-Build delivery to be the most efficient and cost-effective system of project delivery on this page.

General Contracting

The majority of Century’s general construction projects already have a plan in place, provided by the owner or a third party. Century submits a construction bid based on the plan, competing with other firms for the opportunity to bring it to life. Such “Design-Bid-Build” projects rely on water-tight estimates that leave no stone (or brick) unturned.

Construction Management

This all-encompassing level of project delivery consists of pre-construction planning services and the opportunity to effectively manage price, quality, and schedule before and during the construction phase. Century Construction excels here by bringing to bear the full breadth of our construction knowledge and expertise.

The Bottom Line

No matter which level of General Construction you decide to undertake, Century Construction would love to be involved. Our construction professionals are ready to bring their expertise to bear on your next project, ensuring that your timeline, budget, and other requirements are met — and that you achieve the final result that you desire and can be proud of.

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